The WordCrash idea was born after I traveled to a number of WordCamps across the US and observed that the occasions where I lodged with a friend or acquaintance in the area were far better experiences for me then the times where I opted for more traditional accommodations like a hotel. When I stayed with a local, I ended up reducing my travel costs, spending less time alone, getting lost less frequently, experiencing the city more, carpooling to the venue and most importantly, making new friends and strengthening relationships.

After chatting with some friends who felt the same way, we agreed that it would be awesome to have a place where people in the WordPress community could connect with others who may be willing to offer accommodations in cities across the globe.

  • Kyle Maurer – WordCrash co-founder

WordCrash is basically couch surfing for the WordPress community. It allows willing hosts to anonymously list themselves in a place where others with travel intentions and common interests will be able to reach out to them and start a conversation.  The purpose of WordCrash is to start that conversation.

WordCrash is completely free to use and is extremely simple. It allows anyone who has an interest in traveling somewhere to connect with friendly folks in the area of their destination who might be able to provide accommodations or at least guidance and friendship.